Lifeline Ventures

We co-create companies in health, Web and games.

We are a team of serial entrepeneurs that invest in sectors we know by heart from our years as founders and startup leaders. Due to our background, we often start working with a startup even before it has launched its first product, typically taking it from the inception to successful Series A investment and beyond. Our goal is to be the first person the entrepreneur reaches out to in eventual times of trouble and joy.

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We look for disruptive ideas and driven founders.

Our portfolio companies aim at global category leadership. By focusing on health, Web and games, we allow entrepreneurs to benefit from the industry experience, skills and contacts we have accumulated over the last 10+ years. Take a look at the awesome companies, founders and CEOs below.




  • Applifier
    • Jalmari Raippalinna
    • Jussi Laakkonen (CEO)
    • Matti Savolainen
    • Pekka Aakko
  • Grey Area
    • Andreas Karlsson
    • Mikko Hämäläinen
    • Teemu Tuulari
    • Ville Vesterinen (CEO)
  • Uplause
    • Heikki Aura
    • Veli-Pekka Marin (CEO)
  • NonStop Games
    • Henric Suuronen
    • Henrik Karlström
    • Juha Paananen (CEO)
    • Teemu Ikonen
  • Grand Cru
    • Celine Pasula
    • Harri Granholm
    • Harri Hätinen
    • Jarno Wuolijoki
    • Markus Pasula (CEO)
    • Mikko Lindstedt
    • Mikko Wilkman
    • Roope Kangas
  • Supercell
    • Ilkka Paananen (CEO)
    • Lassi Leppinen
    • Mikko Kodisoja
    • Niko Derome
    • Petri Styrman
    • Visa Forsten
  • Brainbow
    • Gerald Goldstein
    • Itamar Lesuisse (CEO)
    • Sagi Shorrer
    • Xavier Louis
  • Mindfield Games
    • Antti Laitinen
    • Ilona Lindholm
    • Juha Leinonen
    • Olli Sinerma
    • Ville Kivistö (CEO)


  • ZenRobotics
    • Harri Valpola
    • Juho Malmberg (CEO)
    • Jussi Peltomaa
    • Rainer Rehn
    • Tuomas Lukka
  • Enevo
    • Fredrik Kekäläinen (CEO)
    • Johan Engström
  • Ductor
    • Ari Ketola (CEO)
    • Veikko Latvala

Meet the team

We are serial entrepreneurs.

  • Timo Ahopelto (partner) Timo Ahopelto (partner) - Timo has a unique track record of product creation, sales, marketing and fund raising in the health and digital media industries. He was the founding CEO of CRF Health, the global leader in eDiaries for clinical trials. As Blyk's Head of Strategy, Timo was responsible for its ad business, country expansion and funding. Timo's free time flies with family, in Lapland and with various sports.
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  • Petteri Koponen (partner) Petteri Koponen (partner) - Petteri has founded five companies, including Jaiku (sold to Google) and First Hop (sold to Airwide Solutions). He has been a startup CEO, CTO, VP of Services and Director, in addition to working two years for Google in the US and UK. In his free time, Petteri hangs out with his family, pumps iron, plays games, writes (toy) code, and enjoys books and movies.
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  • Ilkka Paananen (advisor) Ilkka Paananen (advisor) - Ilkka, the CEO of Lifeline's portfolio company Supercell, is a games entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in growing organizations from the founding team to a size of few hundreds. Before Supercell, Ilkka was a President at Digital Chocolate, running its Studios in Helsinki, Barcelona and Silicon Valley. In his free time, Ilkka enjoys time with his family and tries to find time for sports, music and books.
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To get in touch with us, please send a short email to either Timo or Petteri at firstname @

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